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Dinsmore immigration attorneys leverage more than 130 years of cumulative experience to craft strategies and solutions to meet unique immigration needs. We anticipate the areas where the U.S. government may challenge a case, reverse engineer the case to lower the risk of denial, and increase the odds of approval. 

We use leading web-based technology for case management, so your immigration coordinator, managers, and employees can access appropriate case information on a 24/7 basis.

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Actual Wage Factors

U.S. Department of Labor regulations require employers to document how they determine the actual wage for the position that is the subject of the LCA. With your feedback on the following list of factors that employers often consider in determining employee's salaries we will assist you in preparing a memo summarizing your organization's actual wage system. Please rank the following factors in order of their importance in determining compensation rates at your organization. Add any factors to the list that your organization considers that are not already included. Do not rank factors that your organization does not consider. Please rank the most important factor as "1" and proceed from there.

      ___ education, including degree level and degree field or discipline

      ___ caliber and/or reputation of school attended

      ___ grade point average of the candidate

      ___ experience, including length of experience and type of experience

      ___ specialized knowledge

      ___ knowledge of particular technologies

      ___ demonstrated expertise

      ___ on the job performance

      ___ job responsibility and function

      ___ other legitimate business factors, including market factors

      ___ other:_______________________

      ___ other:_______________________

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