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Oct 15, 2008

November Visa Bulletin

Number 2 / Volume IX
Washington, D.C.


Family-Based All Chargeability Areas Except Those Listed CHINA-mainland born INDIA MEXICO PHILIPPINES
1st 01MAY02 01MAY02 01MAY02 15SEP92 01MAY93
2A 08FEB04 08FEB04 08FEB04 15JUL01 08FEB04
2B 15JAN00 15JAN00 15JAN00 22APR92 15JUN97
3rd 01JUL00 01JUL00 01JUL00 15SEP92 08MAY91
4th 15NOV97 08JUN97 22JUL97 22JAN95 22MAR86

*NOTE: For November, 2A numbers EXEMPT from per-country limit are available to applicants from all countries with priority dates earlier than 15JUL01. 2A numbers SUBJECT to per-country limit are available to applicants chargeable to all countries EXCEPT MEXICO with priority dates beginning 15JUL01 and earlier than 08FEB04. (All 2A numbers provided for MEXICO are exempt from the per-country limit; there are no 2A numbers for MEXICO subject to per-country limit.)

Employment-Based All Chargeability Areas Except Those Listed CHINA INDIA MEXICO PHILIPPINES
1st C C C C C
2nd C 01JUN04 01JUN03 C C
3rd 01MAY05 01FEB02 01OCT01 01SEP02 01MAY05
Other Workers 15JAN03 15JAN03 15JAN03 15JAN03 15JAN03
4th C C C C C
Certain Religious Workers U U U U U
Targeted Employment Areas/Regional Centers C C C C C

"C" = Current. No queue or backlog in this visa category at this time

"U" = Unavailable. There are no visas available in this category at this time

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